Next week I am turning 30. Yes, I said it 30. The big 3-0. Sometimes I can't believe it, sometimes I am so excited but other times I just don't know what to think. I know not everyone loves to have a party, but I do.... because the way I think about it is that you need to celebrate life. Celebrate the little things, celebrate the big things. It doesn't have to be extravagant but simply acknowledging special occasions and times in life in some way. 30 is a milestone and I am going to celebrate it! Here are my WEEK 16 FEELS:


What I’m Pinning - Visual Inspiration:
Cakes! Duh! It's my birthday so of course I'm dreaming about cake and lots of them. Ho rediculous is the four layer cake? Is that even possible?

Party Time - My Dream Party:
My dream party would include: a make-your-own caeser bar, a bagel bar, and lots of cookies. This is the inspireation for my #THIRTY Boozy Birthday Brunch this weekend. 

Who you should be following: 
@drakeoncake - Drake lyrics on cake by @joythebaker - need I say more? Such a simple concept, done oh so well!

What's On My Coffee Table: 
THIS CAN BE BEAUTIFUL by Tiffany Pratt is currently on my coffee table. Tiffany is a rainbow dream. Her creativity is astounding. She literally makes magic out of everything she touches. She is also the Glitter Queen. In her book she pretty much convinces you that life's a colourful rainbow party!  #rmreads

Words I’ll Leave You With: 
enjoy life. eat cake.


xo -
rayna marlee

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