In a couple weeks, a group of girlfriends and I are going to Las Vegas to celebrate our 30th birthdays! We have spent some time this week planning our adventures, so naturally I have had Vegas on my mind. Here are some of my WEEK 18 FEELS:

What I'm Pinning - Visual Inspiration:
The city of neon lights! Can't wait to see all the bright signs and I will definitely be visiting the Neon Boneyard Museum.

See It:
Apparently I can see flamingos in Vegas! The Flamingo Hotel has a FREE Wildlife Habitat with Flamingo Island. Can't wait to gawk at the mesmerizing pink birds! They are so fascinating and weird.

Fashion Finds: 
So many great bathers to choose from... Now if only I looked like the models from these photos. Bathing suit shopping is the WORST (right up there with jeans shopping!) - anyone else with me? Either way ... pool parties here I come!

What's Cookin':
One week into my thirties (so much cake and candy), Vegas and summer just around the corner (see above bathing suits), a quiet work week coming up (wah wah) - I've been taking some time gathering some new healthier recipes to try.  This one is on the top of my list! Hmm.. I don't think peaches are in season quite yet. May need to save this one! 

Words I'll Leave You With:
"The days are long but the years are short". Time flies! Make sure to make time for those things you've always wanted to do. 

xo -
rayna marlee

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