As a freelancer my workflow is often weird and unpredictable. For as many years I can remember around this time I would have to come up with Easter content, usually DIYing hundreds of different eggs. This year I have found myself with ZERO Easter related styling or DIYing gigs - weird? Nonetheless, it is been on my mind (naturally) and here is what I am feeling ... WEEK 14 FEELS: 

What I’m Pinning - Visual Inspiration:
Right now it is all about Au Natural. Natural eggs, natural dye, natural elements. I love the springy feel and all the magical colours that can be created from food and nature. One tip: always wear cloves when dyeing or else you'll have rainbow fingers (unless you're into that? could be fun?)

Etsy Shop Love: 
Natural dyed eggs always reminds me of linen - like they need to be placed side-by-side or something. Is that weird? With warmer temperatures ahead it seems to make sense that I've been searching for some lighter clothing options and I found this Etsy shop and I'm LOVING IT. not PERFECT LINEN is the most stunning small shop based in Lithuania. They use simple forms, simple colours, simple seams, and natural fabrics to create their product. They often have to close their shop (usually on weekends) to keep up with their orders, so be patient.

How cute are all these eggs? Which one is your favourite? Try to choose just one - it's hard!

I Made It: 
These are some past Easter DIY projects I did. The thread wrapped eggs were the first project I ever did for Chatelaine Magazine! The neon eggs for Today's Parent Magazine were super fun to make. Can you believe I used shaving cream to create the marble effect? One year, I made so many different eggs for The Loop and they created a short video jammed packed with all of them. I loved the colour palette (blush, coral, silver, gold, black and white) for the eggs for Chatelaine Magazine. The marble ones are purdy but they were SO messy to make.

What's On My Coffee Table: 
MY SWEET KITCHEN by Linda Lomelino is currently on my coffee table. Linda Lomelino was one of the first food focused Instagram accounts I followed way back when. Her style was so fresh and really spoke to me. I love how she is a self-taught baker and photographer and still works out of her home. This is Linda’s third book and is just as inspiring as her Instagram feed. It has so many fun components like cute DIYs and even a section on tabletop styling (right up my alley!) You’ll want to make (and eat) everything in this cookbook #rmreads

Words I’ll Leave You With: 
Change is good. As a freelancer, nothing is ever consistent, regular or the same…. so embrace it.

xo -
rayna marlee

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