Spring is here! Spring is here! Officially but not weather wise. Fingers crossed we get some real Spring weather soon. So with spring on my mind, I’m feeling: flowers (and lots of them), brighter colours, and some fun personal projects. So here are some of my WEEK 13 FEELS:

What I’m Pinning - Visual Inspiration:
Flowers and more flowers. Look at all these ladies holding oversized bouquets of flowers… what a dream. 

Props I need in my life:
All these colours are so fresh. Love the pattern play and colour combos. I'd like the tumbler to sit on my desk permanently.

1+1 = My Fave Combos: 
Flowers + black and white graphic patterns. This combo fave began awhile back when brainstorming for my wedding. I love the way flowers pop against the black and white dots and stripes.

What's On My Coffee Table: 
I have so many beautiful “coffee table” books (that I started to collect even before I had my own coffee table) from amazingly talented creatives. Unfortunately, most just sit on my shelves collecting dust). So I’ve started something new… Each week I am going to place a different book front and centre on my coffee table and make a point to flip through and take in the pages.

So here is what is currently on my coffee table: Beaches by Gray Malin.

I am OBSESSED with BEACHES by Gray Malin. Everything about this book is SO mesmerizing and inspiring. I just get in happy mode when I open this book. Nevermind Spring...  I’m SO ready for summer and to hit the beach!  

What are some of your all-time fave coffee table books? #rmreads

Words I’ll Leave You With: 
Spring is a time of plans and projects - Leo Tolstoy. So get busy and enjoy the weather!

xo -
rayna marlee

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