St. Patrick’s Day or St. Patty’s Day (or as we used to call it St. Party’s Day) just passed (and no I did not dress in green and go out this year… yes it was even on a Friday!)… I’ve had a few things on my mind: parties, luck, and rainbows (specifically pastel rainbows). 

So here are some of my WEEK 12 FEELS: 

What I’m Pinning - Visual Inspiration:
Pastel rainbows in all shapes and forms: rock candy, lucky charms, and amazing rainbow texture (what even is this?) 

Party Time: 
If I were to have thrown a St. Patty’s party this year I would have done a rainbow theme (over the traditional green everything theme). Pastel rainbow partyware (how great is this collection from Oh Happy Day), candy necklaces (doubled as napkin holders or I would probably use them as drink identifiers and loop them around the cups), and oversized lucky charm shaped pinatas.

What’s Cookin’:
How good do these Breakfast Cereal Fudge squares from Paper & Stitch look?
Recipe by Linda Jednaszewski for Paper & Stitch and can be found on their website.

Mini Style:
YouAreSmall shop based out of London, UK “handmade apparel for small people” 

Their colour selection is on point and it’s all hand dyed. Can you believe these are baby tights? The Cotton Muslin clothes are so good.

Who you should be following:
@fluffegram - An Australian who makes fairy floss (aka. cotton candy as we Canadians call it). Basically all of your cotton candy dreams will come true in this feed. Here’s some rainbow magical toast for your week! Images from Fluffegram Instagram

CREATIVITY IS CONTAGIOUS (go catch it). Words and art by Brittany Luiz

See you next week. Same time. Same place.

-rayna marlee

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