LONGEST.BUSIEST.SHORT.WEEK.EVER. ... enough said. Here are some of my WEEK 33 FEELS:

I Made It:
Here is my latest #rmbowl. This is one of the quickest and easiest (and most delicious) meals I make. It's kind of like a california sushi roll in a bowl but switch in rice noodles instead of rice (they are way quicker). 🍲: rice noodles with sesame oil, crab, cucumber, avocado, seaweed topped with roasted sesame seeds and wasabi salt and a side of avocado-sriracha spicy mayo. 

1+1 = My Fave Combos:
food ingredients and graphic layout. This look was one of the styles of the inspiration for one of my shoots this past week. It was fun! 

Words I'll Leave You With:
shoot, was that today? pretty much sums up my super long short week!

xo -
rayna marlee

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The August long weekend has always been a meaningful weekend for me. It's me and my girlfriends Annual Girls Long Weekend (I think it's been going on for like 12 years)... unfortunately this year due to life, it was a much smaller group. Hopefully next year we will get right back to our tradition. This weekend also marks the middle of summer. Once the weekend passes, it feels like all I do is countdown the last few weekends before summer is over and try to cram in as much "summer" as possible. It also usually is a nice and needed three day break as summer is a busy time for me work wise... All in all this past weekend was a success as always!! So, here are my WEEK 32 FEELS:

Life Things:
The long weekend was made up of cottage hopping, thunderstorms, and (a few) dock chills. It really hasn't been much of a summer weather-wise. Soaking up every minute of sunshine possible!

What's On My Coffee Table: 
Surf Shack by Nina Freudenberger has not left my bedside table for weeks now. I spent a gloomy Saturday afternoon in bed and read this book from front to back, literally every single page, every single word! I've actually never done that before in my life. Every page flip had my insides fluttering and were filled with inspiration. Can we all just move to the beach?! 🌊☀️ I'm so glad I discovered it!

What I’m Pinning - Visual Inspiration:
Cottages, lakes, the outdoors - what summer is really about. These images are so dreamy. Life goals. Maybe one day Bas and I will be able to park our Airstream outside one of these!

Words I'll Leave You With:
one day or day one. you decide.

xo -
rayna marlee

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The times when I'm super busy with work is always when I am itching to do my own creative projects but I do not have the time. When I have the time, I don't always have the motivation.... This week was busy busy and of course, I have lots of fun personal projects on my mind. Maybe also summer sparks my creativity? The long, warm, sunny days (my happy place) is instant inspiration! So here are my WEEK 31 FEELS:

What I’m Pinning - Visual Inspiration:
Move over flower crowns! ...although I will always love flower crowns... like forever. Lately, I've been wanting to play around with real flowers. It's been a dream of mine to create real flower statement necklaces. I haven't seen many out there and I have this vision. The image above is kind of an example-ish and closest to what I am thinking of. Oh Joy! posted a DIY flower bracelet this week that is pretty cool and reminded me of this dream. Oh, and these flower anklets were on my wedding Pinterest board since day one! Cause c'mon! How great are these? 

1+1 = My Fave Combos:
pattern + pattern - I have had an obsession with this for so long! I want to do a shoot like this SO bad! Anyone?!

I Made It:
It's been super hot this week, so I'm not going to lie... I've eaten a lot of ice cream. I really want to try and make these ice cream pops (using paper cups) from the July/August 2017 issue of Chatelaine Magazine. They were SO yum (and fun)!
Photography by: Erik Putz
Food Styling by: Michael Elliot
Prop Styling by: ME

Words I'll Leave You With:
Art is what you can get away with - now let's get creative!

xo -
rayna marlee

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How has it been a week already? I feel like the week began so relaxed after our Prince Edward County adventure and then whooooosh, it sped up, got busy, and where did it go? Why is summer flying by? How is next week August? So - I am trying to slow things down a bit, somehow. Anyways! Here are my WEEK 30 FEELS:

What's On My Coffee Table: 
Collected - Living with the Things You Love by Fritz Karch and Rebecca Robertson is currently on my coffee table. I've always been fascinated with collections. Most people keep their prized possessions in safe tucked away spaces but this book demonstrates the possibilities for displaying and designing with the collectibles. I can spend hours on each page, analyzing the beautiful details. Some of my fave collections from the book: rainbow matchbooks, vintage toasters, the bright men's Lilly Blazers, teak pepper mills, and swizzle sticks to name a few!! These are a few of my gold scissors from my collection... they are on display on my studio wall #rmreads

Props I need in my life:
How awesome are all these patterned and textured plates? I just want to run my hand over all of these guys - weird?

I Made It:
I got to make a backdrop photo wall out of classic Oshkosh denim overalls for a Carter's-Oshkosh Back-to-School Media Preview this week. What a dream! I absolutely LOVE making backdrops and haven't had a chance to do so in a little while, so this project was especially a fun one!

Words I'll Leave You With:
make today amazing.

xo -
rayna marlee

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This past weekend, Bas and I visited Prince Edward County (PEC) and it was magical. We've wanted to escape the city to PEC for a couple of years now but the timing has never worked out (and it's only a two hour drive from Toronto!) But this past weekend, we finally made it and I can assure you we will be back! We loved it so much that this whole post is a little different and is completely about PEC, so here are my WEEK 29 FEELS:

We stayed in The Walter (#7) at the adorable Angeline's Inn. This B+B is super sweet and very affordable. Everyone who worked there was so friendly. The room is very clean and basic (we usually don't spend too much time in our room). There is a light breakfast (croissant and coffee) included and upgrades to a full cold or hot buffet at a very reasonable cost (for guests only). They have a restaurant - The Hubb on site (they serve lunch and dinner), as well a really cute Tuck Shop with local goods. Angeline's is in Bloomfield, a town in between Wellington and Picton (those are the three main towns), so the location is great! 

We stayed didn't stay at  The June Motel but I would totally recommend it. It's an Instagram dream and perfect for a girls weekend. The exterior is so fun with the millennial pink doors and garden flamingos and the interior is so boho beach chic with metallic accents and neon pink PEACE, LOVE, WINE sign (the lady working insisted on taking our photo in front of it - so cute!) Each room is decorated with as much thought and stunning detail as the common areas - so I hear! The June is located in Picton just outside the town centre (you definitely need a car to get around - but that's the case for most of the county). Also, you will need to book far in advance... I think they are full for the summer! 

When in PEC, you must eat (and drink) at the Drake Devonshire. It did live up to the hype and is a really unique spot. It has a similar vibe to the Drake Hotel in Toronto but it's on the water. Great food, great drink, great decor, and great art. Go early (or stay late) to wander around and play some yard games.
Everyone told us to try Slickers ice cream (which we did - burnt marshmallow is pretty ridiculous) but my fave was nice ice baby.
We didn't get the chance to eat at The Courage but we peeked inside and it is so gorgeous... if the food is anything like the decor... I'd recommend it. I also had the best banana cake ever from The Saylor House. They have a really sweet garden patio to enjoy your treats on.

There are so many amazing wineries and breweries in PEC. Here are a few of my faves that have all have something special about them:
Rosehall Run Vineyards (PICNIC food truck!)
Norman Hardie Winery and Vineyard (wood-fired pizza!)
Hinterland Wine Company (the cherry cider!)
County Road Beer Co. (great selection!)
Parsons Brewing Company (fun lawn games!)
Midtown Brewing Company (onsite meat + cheese shop - can buy + eat with your beer!)
... there are so many more to discover!

This is definitely seasonal but if you happen to be in PEC during lavender season, it's worth the $2 entrance fee :) to frolic with the bees and butterflies in a sea of purple at Prince Edward County Lavender Farm.

Sandbanks Provincial Park. See it. Spend time. Do it. Honestly, I love nature but whenever someone gives me travel suggestions to go to National/Provincial Parks, I'm sometimes hesitant. I find them to be confusing, overwhelming and big, and busy. Some of these are true for Sandbanks, but there was something SO special about it. A couple special things about it:
The history - I fell in love with the story of an old burnt down summer lakeside resort that used to be in the park. There is information all around about this landmark that sounded like a really special, romantic summer getaway in the 60s (I think!)... I wished I could live in that time period to experience it.
The dunes - we were a little lazy but from a far we saw the really neat sand dunes.
The beaches - it was definitely busy but the sand! So soft, we could not believe we were in Ontario nevermind Canada. It really felt like we were on vacation. 

In Bloomfield, there are a number of shops along the main street. My favourites are:
The County Collective pop up, an amazingly curated shop made up of mostly Canadian creatives goods. I got some cute ceramics and Bas got the comfiest t-shirt. KOKITO a super sweet shop, where we picked up some fun handmade wooden toys for our nephews, and Sand and Sumac that had some really unique homegoods and clothing, and so many amazing textures and textiles (I really wanted this really cool patterned comb - next time).
In Wellington, my faves are:
The Parlour Studio - it is so beautifully designed and all the plants are dreamy. I picked up a ceramic diffuser from a local ceramicist, a ceramic pot and some stunning flowers and The General which has a great coffee (so I hear - we don't drink coffee), a fun selection of bulk candy (this I can confirm), Augies Gourmet Ice Pops, and lots of cute gifts and large selection of meri meri. 

So let me know what you think of my faves and please let me know what I've missed! We will definitely be back again soon!

Words I'll Leave You With:
Prince Edward County.. stay magical.

xo -
rayna marlee

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