This past week I've been busy prepping for a big exciting project... I'll try to share next week and I've also played/watched a lot of baseball. One doesn't really go with the other... Oh and it's officially summer this week! Anyways... here are my WEEK 25 FEELS:

What I’m Pinning - Visual Inspiration:
Picnics. In the first warm months of the year, when the nights are long and the temperatures are rising, I love to walk down the street to the park or even out to our backyard to have picnics. I'm loving these cute little picnic styles that are so beautiful, but in reality we always try to bring as few things as possible... so I'm kind of dreaming here...

Life Things:
Yesterday was Father's Day and my family spent our day with my dad at the Blue Jays game. I've stumbled upon these images a bunch of times... I'm very curious if and where these stadium chairs exist. Imagine cheering on the Blue Jays in these pastel pink seats!! LOLZ

I Made It:
Yesterday was Father's Day - HAPPY (belated) FATHER'S DAY to all the awesome dads out there (especially mine). This is a Father's Day DIY I created for Babiekins Magazine last year. You can really switch it and make it for any occasion (best mom, #1 brother, fave teacher etc.) Such an easy and cute gift. The trophies are from a party or dollar store. You can see the full tutorial here. PS. those are my husbands hands :)

Words I'll Leave You With:
- do it -
- or maybe tomorrow -

xo -
rayna marlee

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