This past weekend, Bas and I visited Prince Edward County (PEC) and it was magical. We've wanted to escape the city to PEC for a couple of years now but the timing has never worked out (and it's only a two hour drive from Toronto!) But this past weekend, we finally made it and I can assure you we will be back! We loved it so much that this whole post is a little different and is completely about PEC, so here are my WEEK 29 FEELS:

We stayed in The Walter (#7) at the adorable Angeline's Inn. This B+B is super sweet and very affordable. Everyone who worked there was so friendly. The room is very clean and basic (we usually don't spend too much time in our room). There is a light breakfast (croissant and coffee) included and upgrades to a full cold or hot buffet at a very reasonable cost (for guests only). They have a restaurant - The Hubb on site (they serve lunch and dinner), as well a really cute Tuck Shop with local goods. Angeline's is in Bloomfield, a town in between Wellington and Picton (those are the three main towns), so the location is great! 

We stayed didn't stay at  The June Motel but I would totally recommend it. It's an Instagram dream and perfect for a girls weekend. The exterior is so fun with the millennial pink doors and garden flamingos and the interior is so boho beach chic with metallic accents and neon pink PEACE, LOVE, WINE sign (the lady working insisted on taking our photo in front of it - so cute!) Each room is decorated with as much thought and stunning detail as the common areas - so I hear! The June is located in Picton just outside the town centre (you definitely need a car to get around - but that's the case for most of the county). Also, you will need to book far in advance... I think they are full for the summer! 

When in PEC, you must eat (and drink) at the Drake Devonshire. It did live up to the hype and is a really unique spot. It has a similar vibe to the Drake Hotel in Toronto but it's on the water. Great food, great drink, great decor, and great art. Go early (or stay late) to wander around and play some yard games.
Everyone told us to try Slickers ice cream (which we did - burnt marshmallow is pretty ridiculous) but my fave was nice ice baby.
We didn't get the chance to eat at The Courage but we peeked inside and it is so gorgeous... if the food is anything like the decor... I'd recommend it. I also had the best banana cake ever from The Saylor House. They have a really sweet garden patio to enjoy your treats on.

There are so many amazing wineries and breweries in PEC. Here are a few of my faves that have all have something special about them:
Rosehall Run Vineyards (PICNIC food truck!)
Norman Hardie Winery and Vineyard (wood-fired pizza!)
Hinterland Wine Company (the cherry cider!)
County Road Beer Co. (great selection!)
Parsons Brewing Company (fun lawn games!)
Midtown Brewing Company (onsite meat + cheese shop - can buy + eat with your beer!)
... there are so many more to discover!

This is definitely seasonal but if you happen to be in PEC during lavender season, it's worth the $2 entrance fee :) to frolic with the bees and butterflies in a sea of purple at Prince Edward County Lavender Farm.

Sandbanks Provincial Park. See it. Spend time. Do it. Honestly, I love nature but whenever someone gives me travel suggestions to go to National/Provincial Parks, I'm sometimes hesitant. I find them to be confusing, overwhelming and big, and busy. Some of these are true for Sandbanks, but there was something SO special about it. A couple special things about it:
The history - I fell in love with the story of an old burnt down summer lakeside resort that used to be in the park. There is information all around about this landmark that sounded like a really special, romantic summer getaway in the 60s (I think!)... I wished I could live in that time period to experience it.
The dunes - we were a little lazy but from a far we saw the really neat sand dunes.
The beaches - it was definitely busy but the sand! So soft, we could not believe we were in Ontario nevermind Canada. It really felt like we were on vacation. 

In Bloomfield, there are a number of shops along the main street. My favourites are:
The County Collective pop up, an amazingly curated shop made up of mostly Canadian creatives goods. I got some cute ceramics and Bas got the comfiest t-shirt. KOKITO a super sweet shop, where we picked up some fun handmade wooden toys for our nephews, and Sand and Sumac that had some really unique homegoods and clothing, and so many amazing textures and textiles (I really wanted this really cool patterned comb - next time).
In Wellington, my faves are:
The Parlour Studio - it is so beautifully designed and all the plants are dreamy. I picked up a ceramic diffuser from a local ceramicist, a ceramic pot and some stunning flowers and The General which has a great coffee (so I hear - we don't drink coffee), a fun selection of bulk candy (this I can confirm), Augies Gourmet Ice Pops, and lots of cute gifts and large selection of meri meri. 

So let me know what you think of my faves and please let me know what I've missed! We will definitely be back again soon!

Words I'll Leave You With:
Prince Edward County.. stay magical.

xo -
rayna marlee

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Here are my WEEK 28 FEELS:

Life Things:
This week was my husband Bas' birthday. We didn't get to celebrate together because he was out-of-town working :( We had a small backyard BBQ a few nights before his birthday, so I made these Oreo white chocolate chip cookies. We also ate ice cream cake :) Now, I'm just waiting for him to come home to give him a big belated birthday squeeze and smooch!

I Made It:
A couple weeks ago I shared a sneak peak of the shoot I did with the amazing Lauren Miller. We'll here are the finals!! Do you love them? I do! I love them all. So much fun creating them.

1+1 = My Fave Combos:
Coloured glass + glassware. I'm really really feeling coloured tabletop glasses, plates etc. The neat reflections and shadow effects have been exciting me. I have an idea for a photoshoot brewing and I hope to make it a reality soon. Stay tuned!

Words I'll Leave You With:
food. friends. sunshine.

xo -
rayna marlee

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Every weekend of the summer should be a long weekend... just saying. This past weekend we celebrated Canada Day, specifically #Canada150. It was pretty awesome - we split our time between up north in cottage country and in the city. Canada Day itself was pretty uneventful but I think that was needed after all the hype (work-wise) leading up to it (I feel like I've celebrated 20x already). Anyways... here are my WEEK 27 FEELS:

Wear It - Canadian Tuxedo:
Here are some of my denim dreams... Love how stylish the Canadian Tuxedo can be. This summer I've been living in denim dresses and overalls. 

Life Things:
Another highlight from this week was this monster shake from Short & Sweet Bakeshop. I've been wanting to try one of these for so long now.. Me and my sisters got one to share... big mistake! We could have each had our own, that's how good it was. Also, love this bakery because it is nut-free! I will be going back there regularly this summer - that I know!

Words I'll Leave You With:
summer lovin' 

xo -
rayna marlee

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First weekend of summer, Pride Week #loveislove, and lots of other family events, friends birthdays... that kind of stuff. Life is good. Here are my WEEK 26 FEELS:

What I’m Pinning - Visual Inspiration:
Summer cocktails... These are all so beautiful. It is one thing for a cocktail to taste good and another for it to look oh-so-pretty too!! I could really go for one of these right about now (or should I wait for Friday?).

Wear It:
I saw this really cute bag that was returned to Anthropolgie - only one and I didn't buy it (and now I can't find it online or anywhere!) It was pricey... but still it was so great! So, I've been thinking about and really feeling these wicker-woven whatever they are style bags.

Who you should be following: 
@wrightkitchen - Brittany is the master of gradient food art. She creates beautiful food rainbows. Here work is simply stunning and what I would do to one day have a giant print of hers framed on my wall...

Words I'll Leave You With:
summer - you're more fun than a rollercoaster


xo -
rayna marlee

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This past week I've been busy prepping for a big exciting project... I'll try to share next week and I've also played/watched a lot of baseball. One doesn't really go with the other... Oh and it's officially summer this week! Anyways... here are my WEEK 25 FEELS:

What I’m Pinning - Visual Inspiration:
Picnics. In the first warm months of the year, when the nights are long and the temperatures are rising, I love to walk down the street to the park or even out to our backyard to have picnics. I'm loving these cute little picnic styles that are so beautiful, but in reality we always try to bring as few things as possible... so I'm kind of dreaming here...

Life Things:
Yesterday was Father's Day and my family spent our day with my dad at the Blue Jays game. I've stumbled upon these images a bunch of times... I'm very curious if and where these stadium chairs exist. Imagine cheering on the Blue Jays in these pastel pink seats!! LOLZ

I Made It:
Yesterday was Father's Day - HAPPY (belated) FATHER'S DAY to all the awesome dads out there (especially mine). This is a Father's Day DIY I created for Babiekins Magazine last year. You can really switch it and make it for any occasion (best mom, #1 brother, fave teacher etc.) Such an easy and cute gift. The trophies are from a party or dollar store. You can see the full tutorial here. PS. those are my husbands hands :)

Words I'll Leave You With:
- do it -
- or maybe tomorrow -

xo -
rayna marlee

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